How to install Citrix receiver on Windows
and access Cecil College Virtual Lab

Citrix only supports Internet Explorer for Windows
and Safari for Apple/Macintosh users!

  1. Log on to Citrix using your student username and password (Example: clab\user1234):

  2. Image 1
  3. If you have not done so, you must install the Citrix Receiver. You must agree with the Citrix license requirements, then click the "Install" button:

  4. Image 2
  5. Click "Run" to install the Citrix receiver when prompted:

  6. Image 3
  7. Click "Start" at the "Welcome to Citrix Receiver" page:

  8. Image 4
  9. Check the box to accept the license agreement and then click "Next":

  10. Image 5
  11. DO NOT check "Enable single sign-on". Click "Next":

  12. Image 6
  13. You can send anonymous data to Citrix if you choose to do so, or not:

  14. Image 7
  15. Allow the receiver to install...

  16. Image 8
  17. Installation is now complete. DO NOT "Add Account" Accounts are managed by Cecil College.

  18. Image 9
  19. Simply Click Finish and you will be taken to Cecil College's Virtual Computer Lab!

  20. Image 10
  21. Your start page is your "Favorites" page. To see all of the available Apps, click "APPS":

  22. Image 11
  23. This will show all available Apps in your Virtual Lab:

  24. Image 12
  25. To add an App to your "Favorites" page, click "Add To Favorites":

  26. Image 13
  27. This will add the selected application to your "Favorites" page.

  28. Image 14