If you are age 60 or better, you have a choice to sign up for classes inside and outside of our Senior Network (SEN000).

  • MD residents 60+ qualify for tuition waiver on eligible classes.
  • Or, you can join the Senior Network and enjoy tuition waiver and reduced course fees.

Membership fees:

  • $70 per semester for in county residents
  • $80 per semester for out of county residents
  • $90 per semester for out of state residents

Note: Prices are subject to change.

If you are a 60+ Scholar, take these easy steps to planning your experience here at Cecil College.

  1. Determine what and how many classes you would like to take. (Additional materials fees and/or supply fees where noted.)
  2. Do the math:
    • 5 or more classes - your best deal may be joining the network and paying a reduced course fee. (No out of county or out of state additional fees for network members.)
    • 4 or less classes - you may want to consider signing up as a creative leisure student and having the tuition waived on state approved classes. Same great classes, same great instructors, same great friends. (Out of county fees may apply. Out of state residents do not qualify for tuition waiver.)
  3. Still not sure what is your best option? Call us and we will help you make the best decision for you. Dial (443) 907-1378 and ask to speak to any member of the Lifelong Learning team.